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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 8, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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tony exposed problems with the buses. is there an official reason the company is giving for firing her? >> reporter: officially, they designed to tell us why they fired elaine ramirez. she said she has been targeted by the private company since she publicly exposed problems with her bus. >> this is how you're treated? this is wrong. this is wrong. and you're putting those children in unsafe equipment. >> reporter: after six years of driving special needs children in the east bay, durham bus services fired her. >> at the time you knew you were risking your job. >> yes, i did. >> did you ever speck them to fire you? >> no. i did not. >> reporter: back in may she told the investigative unit her employer was not fixing problems with her bus. >> my bus leaks massive and the
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brakes are going out right now. and every time i take it in for maintenance they tell me, we ain't got the parts. >> it says it right there two days after her investigation, they fixed your brakes. what does that say to you? >> that i was telling the truth the whole entire time. that durham lied. and they wanted me to just shut up and be quiet about it. well, no, i could not. because i'm transporting those ìáhp && >> reporter: here's the work order confirming her concerns. and it shows mechanics not only fixed the brakes but in the days following our investigation, they spent more than 18 mechanic hours fixing problems with ramirez' school bus. >> you risked your job, your paycheck, your career. >> i sure did. i sure did. >> do you regret what you did? >> no, i don't. i don't regret it. >> reporter: she was not the
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only durham bus driver to talk about it. >> six to seven breakdowns in one morning. >> reporter: and her frustration amplified after learning the california highway patrol conducted no investigation after the bus drivers exposed critical problems. >> do you feel the california highway patrol let you, the drivers, and the students down? >> oh, yeah, definitely. they sure did. especially when you're transporting special needs children. you let us down big time. >> reporter: the decision to fire you. what does that say about durham? >> they don't care. they just wanted me out. because i supposedly lied. i didn't lie. you've got the proof right there, tony. i want my job back. i want to be able to go back to see my children that i transport every day and that they miss me. they call me miss lorraine. some of them call me mama.
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mama lorraine. >> reporter: fighting for her students. in its letter to lorraine ramirez, durham said she was fired for violations of company policy. she believes the reasons were manufactured. after our investigation in may, ramirez tells us, she was called in to the office and told, if she talks to nbc bay area again, she would be fired. for the record, she did not talk again until after she was fired. jessica? >> okay, thank you, tony. if you have a tip for investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips. or you can send an e-mail to the unit at let's get to the weather. mostly rainy around the bay area. in some parts, heavy rain. this is the scene in san francisco now. umbrellas and plenty of puddles. a big change from that gorgeous 80-degree weather we had a few days ago. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff rainieri.
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>> over the next 12 to 18 hours, we've had some heavier pockets of rain. even a few isolated flooding concerns in the extreme south bay. >> you can see this is providing enough uplift for some stronger cells to develop. the temperature only in the 40s and also the 50s, and winds 20 to 40 miles per hour. gusting not only in the hills but the lower elevations. back to the radar. one of my biggest concerns are the parameters. you can see to the north. it is way to the north in guard betterville. we've had .3 of an inch in terms of the hail size. those same thunderstorms will be moving closer to us as we head through the night. it is not out of the question for to us get a few reports of hail in the next 24 hours and also maybe some lightning. right now across the peninsula, we're tracking more moderate rain near palo alto and los at he is on. and talk about getting slammed
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over the past hour. even a few isolated flooding concerns. that storm cell has moved off. as we look ahead in the forecast, what we'll find is that chance of thunderstorms lingering for the next 24 hours. we'll have that full time line and track it hour by hour for you coming up through this entire show. >> thank you. we'll see you in a bit. a man who was allegedly beaten during a metal world object during the giants world series has died. now the circumstances that led to his death are being questioned. police responded to reports of 37-year-old sean moffett hurt in the upper hight. arturo joins us live. >> reporter: police were able to make contact with the victim twice in two days but were never able to interview him before he died. and final out exactly what happened. and even with new information, this is still being considered a suspicious death and the homicide division is leading the
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investigation. there were a number world series celebrations that spilled you'd into the streets and got out of hand. that night on the 1500 block of haigt, police were gt that he was hurt and lying on the ground. he refused any help and went home. the next day his roommate sent him to the hospital. when he arrived, the roommate said the victim was assaulted. this is a third party account so we were unable to verify if this had occurred. >> unable to verify it but still police began looking for prime suspects. then on october 30 ths, sean moffett died from head trauma. the investigation moved forward and there is now information that he may have fallen while celebrating and that is when he may have sustained the injuries to his head. >> whether it a lot of fans celebrating in the street, a lot of people that were jumping.
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they were doing some stunts. so this man being a part of that. >> now police have not eliminated the possible that sean moffett was assaulted. what they're looking for now is more information and they're asking for the public's help. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. now to mt. view. an unlikely location for an illegal drugs. police detectives and the s.w.a.t. team searched four apartment buildings on bush street right off castro near downtown mountain view. neighbors have reportedly called 9 about possible drug activity inside the apartments. police say one of the units was being used as a dmt lab. that is a hallucinogenic that is becoming popular with students. >> you can snort it, inject it, and it is a fast action -- a fast acting had.
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>> two people were arrested. three more detain. police say this is the first dmt lab that has been busted in the bay area. new at 6:00, walnut creek police are searching for two men accused of kidnapping a woman and forcing her to withdraw cash from a nearby atm. the 57-year-old woman was walking to her car in the state lands business center in the parking lot of that business center around (3ç%÷7:30 last ni when she was attacked. this is near the intersection of ignacio valley road and oak grove road. two men allegedly ran up. forced her into her car. tied her up and blindfolded her. the woman said she was driven to several atms and forced to withdraw money. they forced her to an isolated part of oakland hills. the suspect got out and into a pickup truck, possibly a toyota. it is not known right now if the woman suffered any injuries. >> you got the votes. now give us back our tuition. that's the cry from the students
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on the campus who say the passage of proposition 30 should ease the pain they feel in their pocket books. despite the extra money, the officials say the outlook is still bleak. jodi hernandez is live on campus where students have been staging a soggy protest. >> reporter: that's right. the rain did make things a bit soggy out here today but it did not dampen the downpour of concern from students. students are truly worried. the passage of proposition 30 will not bring the relief they had hoped for. students at uc berkeley say their fight is far from over. while many campaigned for proposition 30, its passage this week doesn't mean students are satisfied. dozens held a walkout today to show their concern. >> a center piece of the campaign for prop 30 was that it would stop tuition hikes. that's not enough.
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we have to roll tuition back. >> while prop 30 will prevent tuition from going up this year, it doesn't guarantee there won't be a hike next year. that's got folks very nervous. >> freezes can thaw, right? and we're worried about what can happen unless we find a way rather than simply thaw. >> we really, really really need to make sure students' voices are heard. that the legislature and the regent can't ignore us. >> reporter: on the eve of the anniversary of occupy cal, some students are planning to pitch tents tomorrow to show they're ready if the legislature doesn't invest in education. >> a lot more work to be done. a lot of that will involve direct action. government doesn't necessarily respond to voting. they respond to people being passionate and getting out there in the streets. >> i think you will see more
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students in the streets. more people walking out. >> reporter: now students plan to protest at next week's board of regents meeting. many plan to camp overnight. the night before. they want lawmaker and regents to know they'll be watching their every move and they will hold them to task. reporting live at uc berkeley, jodi hernandez. p >> thank you. from the uc system to the csu system. administrators of the csu system say some students are taking too long to graduate. so they're considered to plan a push, to plan to push them along faster. the board of trustees will vote next week on new fee hikes designed to push students to he shall their degrees faster and therefore free up some admission spots. the 23 schools say they've been pulling away 23,000 students for four straight years. still ahead, fighting fires with some high-tech help. the new weapon on fire line.
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relief is on the way for one of the most notoriously congested areas of the south bay. we'll show you where coming up. and you'd better pack some patience. the grand opening of a shopping mall in the east bay. look at the traffic here. it led to a lot of headache for drivers. even at this hour. we're back in a moment.
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san jose police say the man they've arrested for having a pipe bomb is not cooperating. he has been booked into the county jail. amateur video shows the scene where he was arrested last night at north first street near 101. here's that video. this is next to the new m8trix casino. two officers with the merge unit, san jose's version of s.w.a.t., pulled over mcgill's van for a traffic violation. >> i noticed that he was exhibiting the objective
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symptoms of narcotics influence. and so that of course led them to kind of pull him out of the vehicle and once they conducted a vehicle search, they located what they believe to be a pipe bomb. of course they backed out. >> officers then cleared the area and called in the bomb squad which confirmed, it was a live pipe bomb. shortly after they safely destroyed it. some closure in the case of a homeless woman who was stabbed to death on a san jose sidewalk in august. for nearly three months after her violent murder interesting elderly woman was unidentified. she had been a fixture in the west san carlos street neighbor. police did release a sketch hoping that someone would recognize her. and a fingerprint search failed. the justice department has identified her as 70-year-old joan ann hughes from new york. police say her son was moved to tears when he saw the vigil for her on youtube.
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hughes reportedly had a break down and became estranged from her family. especially as we head toward the holidays, it will get worse before it gets better. one of the worst commutes is about to get a facelift. interchange which causes headaches even if you're not a shopper. ground breaking for a new interchange begins tomorrow. damien joins us this evening in the eye of the storm, so to speak original stevens creek boulevard. good evening. >> reporter: it is one of the reasons i don't come to this part of town anymore. the traffic behind me. after a few more headaches, things are going to get better. you see a lot of white knuckles near the 880-280 split. traffic is always a mess during the day. >> terrible. >> reporter: what is it like? >> too long of a wait. way overdue. >> reporter: the bottleneck leads to angry, sometime
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exhausted shoppers once they get to valley fair mall orz ? santa road. >> what is it like during the holidays? >> it gets worse. but you know, i'm not saying anything that is not obvious. >> it has been dubbed one of the worst commutes in santa clara county and especially in that south bay area where you've got commuters going to big job employment centers. you've got fine dining, great shopping in that area. you've got a lot of people competing for roadways. >> reporter: but help is on the way. crews are laying the way for the new exit ramp. a flyover ramp and other improvements they say should help ease the congestion. >> the great big deal. we've been waiting for this project a long time. >> reporter: construction won't be completed overnight. meaning the area will go through growing pains with lane closures and detours. not good news for holiday shoppers. >> do you think shale start that soon? i don't think so. it i think it will be after the new year. it takes a while to set it all
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up. >> reporter: the valley transportation authority says the heavy lifting will in fact begin after the holidays to help minimize the impact on shoppers and residents. but help is coming. >> about time. i mean, in a nice way, right? if i have all the money, i would have done it sooner but i don't know howett works. >> reporter: then how it will work for the next two years is with a lot of patience. you can logon to the vta webb to sign up for alerts on the prog refs construction. now, i know you want to know unrelated, i just walk into valley fair mall. yes, the poinsettias run. the christmas music is on but the christmas tree is not up yet. >> i am relieved to hear that. because would it just stress me out to know it. thank you. okay. just check this out. mall-ageddon. the quest to get to the malls in livermore caught by our nbc
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chopper. it was like this all day. huge back-ups on 580 in both directions at the exit. choppers wanted a chance to see the 130 stores, including the bloomingdale's and the last call nieman marcus. shoppers blazing through hours delays just to get off the friday and trying to get a spot on the lot. the chp are stepping up the patrol and i have to confess, i was stuck in that for 70 minutes and i had to give that my quest to get to the mall. >> and i will share that she requested the chopper just drop her down. >> are they available tomorrow? >> that would be the perfect way to get. there maybe you can get some good bargains there. maybe sweaters. you will need it. after those 90s to start the week, we have our cold storm system which continues to arrive. the storm hasn't even gotten here. that continue to be just off to the north. that is where we are finding a few reports of some severe weather. also, namely, some hail up into
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extreme northern california. for us, we haven't seen any of that. definitely some wet weather over the past hour or so. then across the sierra. winter weather advisory posting the snow, starting to stack up across south lake tahoe. and it is a low snow. almost down to placerville. and also, winds that have topped 60 miles per hour. let's get a look down here in the south bay. you can see we've cleared out from even some flooding concerns near gilroy. it was coming down still hard at a very quick rate. but that now has pushed off toward the east. now back up to the sierra. we have had some storm reports. these nonthunderstorm wind gusts that have been close to 70 miles per hour. we talked about this yesterday. if you're heading up across the higher he will vegas, be prepared for potentially some blizzard conditions. now let's get a look at the highs. it was very cold out here. 30 to 40 degrees different from what we had to start off the
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week. 58 in santa rosa was the high. 62 in livermore. now let's break apart these number even more. after that, 89 for that record setting high on tuesday. we had 58 at the noon hour. then we've now dropped to 43 degrees. so our current temperature is much lower than what we started off with this morning. that's what we'll find across a lot of the bay area. let's take you outside to that sky network camera on this very cold night. you will find that traffic is backed up. we do have a little shower activity that could be on your way tonight in the south bay. as we get an overall look, this storm system will push to the east. what we'll find is that chance of thunderstorm continuing in the forecast. at least into friday. also, tmj in the 50s. and that restroom extremely low. we'll find very scattered rainfall. very hit and miss. then by 3:00 in the morning, it may get some heavier pockets of
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rain to the east in the south bay. then throughout 6:00 and 7:00 in the morning, maybe a clearing spot. throughout the day we cannot rule out this chance of thunderstorms lingering in the forecast even throughout friday afternoon. overall, yourúraz daytime highsl be cold no matter where you are. bay side, 50s. and no big time warming into your weekend. so far sunday looks like the best day in that three-day forecast. we'll have the full seven day coming up. still ahead, an important recall involving a popular drink. >> ways to invest hundreds of millions of dollars. another state legalizes gay marriage. details just ahead. alright let's break it down.
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native-americans were
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honored for their service to the country. they health a jobs and resource form for those veterans. president obama proclaimed november as native-american heritage month. during world war ii, native-americans used their native language to get messages and codes out to the troops because the enemy couldn't understand them. the pledge of allegiance at today's event was led by those two little cutis who are damien trujillo's twins. safeway has averted a strike. they reached a new labor deal. the tentative agreement covers health care, employee exception and other issues for northern california employees, including bay area workers. they say they'll recommend the members ratify that. the votes are finally counted in washington state confirming that washington has join maine and maryland as the first states to allow same sex marriage by popular vote. six other states, new york, connecticut, eye warning massachusetts and new hampshire
6:26 pm
and vermont already allow gay marriage, but it was enacted there by either lawmaker or court ruling. not by public vote. in the state of washington, campaign supporters of same sex marriage included microsoft founder bill gates, jeff from amazon and new york's mayor, michael bloomberg. still ahead, need to improve your focus? there is a simple task that could help you. and which country president obama will be visiting later this month. and was it an act of war? tonight the pentagon responds to the attack on a u.s. drone. and for the first time, the man who tried to kill gabriel giffords.
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[ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. . seven live sentences plus another 140 years. that's for the man behind the arizona shooting rampage that critically wounded form he
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congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >> nbc bay area's janelle wang is here with our world. >> this is the first time since the attack nearly two years ago that gabby giffords faced her shooter. her husband, astronaut mark kelly, spoke at the sentencing today saying jarrod loughner change her life forever, but not her spirit. she was one of 13 people shot and six killed at a political meet and greet event in tucson in january 2011. 24-year-old love you loughner did not show any emotions as the victims and their families spoke in the courtroom today. >> i am very, very angry and sick at heart about what you did and the hurt you have imposed on all of us. >> he knew he would be sentenced to life in prison today. it was part of a plea deal he made this past summer. a slight setback. the nor'easter that hit the east coast has slowed down the hurricane sandy recovery a bit. that's because crews and residents spent the day digging out of record snowfall.
6:30 pm
another 300,000 people lost power overnight. that's on top of the 600,000 still in the dark from sandy last week. the pentagon confirm that two iranian jets fired an an unmanned u.s. drone and missed. the pentagon said the droep was attacked last thursday while doing routine surveillance over the persian gulf. in international air space. we when reporters asked if this was an act of war, the pentagon spokesman said he didn't want to get into quote, legal characterizations. as for how the u.s. might respond, he said there was a wide range of options from diplomatic to military. >> from the atlantic to the pacific. >> president assad making threats in a rare television appearance today. he said if there is any we were intervention, the whole world would, quote, suffer the consequences. assad made no indication of stepping down to end the 19-month conflict vowing to live and die in syria.
6:31 pm
and a changing of the guard in china. today, he began the once in a decade transfer of power to vice president ping while the world's second largest economy continues to grow, president hu warned public anger over corruption is also growing and called on his 2,200 party members to be ethical. china as you may know has seen many more dissidents in recent years. thank you. his itinerary is making history. president obama will become the first u.s. president to visit myanmar and cambodia. the trip marks a drama turn-around in the country's relations with america after decades of violent military rule. but exiled activists and human rights groups are likely to criticize the president's planned visit. in cambodia, he will attend the east asia summit. ? . the president is facing economic uncertainty and certainly will the rest of the year. today that translated again into
6:32 pm
another down day for your money. company that are both losing and making money. >> another rough day on wall street. we'll start with losses and they're piling up for apple. the cupertino company saw its price fall another $22. 22% below the high setback in september. adding insult to the situation, a research firm today says the sam sung galaxy overtook the iphone as the best selling smart phone in the world. checking more of your money. more fears about europe and our own country's financial future continue to weigh on wall street. another triple digit loss for the dow. am and other tech company, dragging the nasdaq down by 1.5%. to good news now. your smart phone. whatever it is, just got caffeinated. starbucks partnered with san francisco base square to let you buy your coffee with the square app. the whole transaction done on your phone. an investment in square, a good
6:33 pm
idea. what company will be the next big things? google once a start-up itself is betting big that it will help fund the future. here's how. google has long been one of the best investments. now the company famous for its search and its stock is ramping up its own search for the next great investment. >> it is a validation interto. >> reporter: he is the managing partner of google ventures. he is running the fund which totals $300 million a year. we found him at the annual founders and ceo event where people meet and share ideas. because, he says, good investments are all about people. >> it would have been a mistake to go out looking to invest in search engines. it would have gone great to go out and invest. it would have been a mistake to go invest in dating sites but it would have been a good idea to eninvestigate in chat who created youtube which was at
6:34 pm
first a dating site. >> google ventures has scored a couple hits. strong selling thermostat. and ride sharing company relay ride which lets you save money and help the environment by sharing your car with others. but google convenient urs has bigger plans. find more good people with more good companies and yes, with even more money. >> the question that i get asked by google who is the lp providing the money, is why not a billion a year? that's an interesting question. >> maybe the future. >> in mountain view, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> the menlo park fire district got a nice donation. seven fire engines now have ipads on board. they will allow firefighters to access people's medical information while responding to a call. >> with these devices are intended to do. what the information is intended to do that we're putting on them. to enhance the firefighters'
6:35 pm
ability, to have that information real-time. make it a benefit and not make it a deterrent. >> different apps will give firefighters immediate access to detailed information, such as thing as building plans and hazardous materials. they'll be able to use google earth to see what's behind buildings during a fire. they will eventually eliminate all the paper and binders currently used in the fire trucks. new location. same controversy. the chick-fil-a battle continues. people camped out in walnut creek for the gran opening. some to get a shot at being one of the first 100 customers who would be rewarded with a free meal every week for an entire year. and others, because they were ôt food c. they're upset over the stance of the owner on same sex marriage. they said they'll be in front of the store until 8:00 tonight. a carbon monoxide leak is to blame for an entire hotel being
6:36 pm
evacuated overnight. the alarm soumded early this morning at the embassy suites in burlington game. guests were let back into the hotel at 5:00 in the morning. crews stayed on the scene for several more hours to make sure there were no other problems. still ahead at 6:00, the new recall involving nestle products. and one key opens most gas station pumps everywhere. did you know that? the investigative unit looks at why some owners refuse to protect their customers with a simple fix. we're tracking the storm tonight. bitterly cold, at least for our standards at this time of night. 48 already in santa rosa and 48 in gilroy. you can see the south bay is dealing with some of those coldest number. even 45 currently in cupertino. let's look at the radar as the cold rain sweeps across. you may be dry for now.
6:37 pm
we do have a few more isolated showers and thunderstorms coming our way over the next 24 hours. and watch out. if you're headed into the sierras. winds have topped 70 miles an hour. we'll have full details on how long this lasts. [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all,
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nestle is recalling some of its powder application because
6:40 pm
of a salmonella risk. it was produced in early october and sold ought across the country. nestle said it made the move out of one of its ingredient suppliers issued its own recall of calcium carbonate. they have a best of sold by date of 2014. you should know that no other varieties are being recalled at this point and nestle said there are no reports of any illnesses so far. a new study finds if you want to boost your self-control, gargling sugar water could help. they gave students some teed i can't tasks and part way through, had half of them gargle lemonade made with artificial sweetener. the other half gargled with sugar water and were significantly faster in those tasks. experts say putting glucose on the tongue apparently stimulates sensors. now they're wondering about applying sugar water exercise to c0oqsmoking, thinking it might .
6:41 pm
>> or shopping. >> or shopping. >> self-control. >> it would be line drones walking around. all this self-control. >> i don't know how fun it would be. >> it really changed outside. >> it did. the temperatures down in the 50s for a lot of the bay area. even 40s at this hour. it is really remarkable. we've seen a little drying period to let you know about more chances of thunderstorm coming in that forecast in a few minutes. you know who runs the show for your favorite teams? yeah. the general managers. we'll hear from the architects of not one but two local squads. plus, more hardware for the giants. which world series champ is beefing it up?
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
the next time you get gas, take a look at the lock on the pump. we've learned that one key open the majority of the gas pumps across the country. thieves have caught on meaning your credit card information could easily be stolen. >> it is very easy to make a copy. a recommend than from years ago when all gas station pumps were made with the same lock to make it easier for inspections and maintenance. now police say the keys are
6:44 pm
getting into the hands of thieves and you and i are paying the price. we all do it. swipe, pay, pump. but hidden behind here, a new blue tooth enabled skim per can rip off your credit or debit information in seconds. police say the blue tooth technology makes it even harder to catch crooks. once they install the devices, they can nab the number off your card from as far as 100 yards and they never have to return to recover the skimmer. what is more, this universal gas pump key is making it even easier for thieves to install these new skimmers. >> it is virtually indetectible. >> reporter: he leads a team looking into dozens of blue tooth skimming cases in the past two months. investigators have recovered nine skimmers and recorded 300 victims of credit card fraud in the bay area. >> so a single key would open the credit card access door to
6:45 pm
any gas pump. >> reporter: that's right. one key opens the majority of gas station pumps. like this one in san jose. this one in mountain view. and this one in sunnyvale. it is simple. thieves copy the keys and install skimmers wherever they can. >> police tell us they have uncovered four skimmers at this gas station. >> no. >> reporter: you could change the locks to protect your customers' information. >> reporter: plais say they advised him to change his locks after they found four skimmer at his santa clara station. we met up with him after didn't return our calls. can i give you my card? he told us will you the office door that he has ordered new locks but doesn't know when they will arrive. police say it is a very simple fix. if gas station owners change their locks, they can lock out the thieves. a cheaper option is to use security keys. tonight we'll have much more on how you can spot which stations
6:46 pm
are vulnerable. police say when you are in doubt, pay inside. >> that's fascinating. thank you. if you have a tip for the investigative upper, give us a call. just send us an e-mail to the unit. let's bring in our chief meteorologist about our forecast into this evening and tomorrow morning. >> that's right. we're continuing to track this cold storm arriving earlier this afternoon. but the center of the storm has not even gotten here yet. that's when we're still expecting some stronger weather here over the next 24 hours. a lot of that heaviest rainfall has push to the south and also the east so far, decent rainfall totals. petaluma with .15. san francisco at .900. as the radar scans stands, we're not finding any heavier rainfall but you are getting hit hard into morgan hill and gilroy. over the past hour, hour and a half. even picking up some flooding concerns near gilroy. again, that storm system has
6:47 pm
lifted out. some better news for you now as some of the water will be able to recede. up across the sierra, this is where it is intense. snowfall totals will stack up. look at this. winds 40 to 50-mile-per-hour. maybe near 90 up across the highest peaks. so very dangerous weather here across south lake tahoe. also right up to truckee. if you're thinking of heading this way tonight, you may want to wait here as we are here tomorrow. look at the temperature. 48 currently in santa rosa. we're on track to set potentially some record setting lows as we head into tomorrow morning. let's go outside to the sky camera network. and san francisco clearing out after some heavy downpours. a lot of you getting soaked without any umbrellas. likely watching somebody else. we'll have a reinforcing shotbaf
6:48 pm
some frigid air friday into saturday. so temperature for daytime highs in some spots could only be here in the 40s. then 50s and 60s. and still cannot even rule out a few isolated thunderstorms. so 11:00 p.m. tonight. we may get a few of the storms firing up in the south and also the east bay. xñ . it is soñoz cold, it doesn't t the rain too far to go up to freeze on that contact. we'll have some clearing and then as we go into the afternoon, we'll get some sunshine and a little of that daytime heating. we could have more thunderstorms scattered in nature across the bay area. one more day of this weather. we'll be tracking that could bring us some isolated thunderstorms. all the way down, interstate 80. you could get even an inch
6:49 pm
there. if you are going to brave that weather, it is coming soon. next 48 hours will be hit and miss rain for us. rain about a .10 to .25 of an inch. expect the snow level at 2,500 feet. the winds could top 20 miles an hour. fly will be a very chilly day. you will need the layers from santa rosa to livermore. 58 in los gatos. and also, 56 in san jose. on your three-day forecast. we stay with this colder weather through the next three days. the best day of the weekend on veterans day with some stunning weather coming your way. then tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we keep the showers in the forecast to a very strong and active start to our water, considering what we did not have
6:50 pm
the last year. so this is some great news. take it slow. tomorrow we could have a few isolated thunderstorms. >> did you notice if you listen to his forecast, you're right on. if not, it could be dicey. >> of course. we're the best in the bay. >> thanks. let's get to sports. let's bring in scott reiss with all the buzz, especially the warriors. >> we'll get to that but first a little off-season baseball. when you parlay a $55 million pay roll into the second best record in the american league. you're doing something really right. billy bean recognized as such yesterday. baseball's executive of the year. just another highlight in a career that has already spawned a hit movie. >> the perception going is that we're, going in, we'll be a few years away. i think there is a lot of satisfaction internally that this club was a lot better than people gave them credit for at the beginning of the year. and i think, listen, the older
6:51 pm
you get. you really appreciate any winning season. we haven't had one in a few years and i think it is not just the players on the field but with everybody in the front office. my stand, jim. dan findstein. i look at this reward as not really an individual reward but a front office award. and having a manager like bob melvin high hope is the manager of year. i i think i enjoyed this one. i remember the 20-game win streak in 2002. and you're so intend, you don't even enjoy it. i think the warriors had 17 out of 20 so we needed that. this was fun for everybody. >> speaking of awards, the giants take home more hardware. buster posey, the nl silver slugger recipient at the catcher position. a batting average of .336 and barry zito terns 48th annual
6:52 pm
award. the honor, courage and dedication of fred hutchinson on and off the field. let me preface this by saying, it is not a new injury for the warriors but it is a lingering one. they are shutting down andrew bogut for at least a week. now again, not a setback to his surgically repaired left ankle. the big fellow asked for some time off. to really get back up to speed. he's averaged just 18 minutes and four games and wants to feel stronger before returning to the court full time. >> the reason for taking the seven to ten days was to get back some of the strength. everybody that knows him and is watching him as a player. we think he is helping us in certain ways. if you've known him and you've watched him going back to what he was. significantly not able to push off that foot like he wants to. we thought it is early in the season. we appreciate the effort he tut
6:53 pm
back. he tested it out and at this point he feels like give me a week. let's see if we can get that strength back. >> the 49ers should be well rested coming off the bye week but it time to get the intend at this back. the ram come to town. one of four division game remaining. the niners are very much aware of the threat that ram quarterback sam bradford posts. >> he has a good throwing arm. throws the deep and intermediate balls very well. i think he has a pretty good command. being his first year in it. he has the speed. when he does decide to pull it down and run, he can run. i just think he is quite a quarterback. although he's been hurt, i think he is doing well to where he's at. >> legendary sabercats quarterback mark green announced his retirement from the arena football league.
6:54 pm
he won the arena bowl three time. was mvp of that game twice. he will be honored during a sabercats home game this upcoming season. and the top 50 watch list is out. call. players are from bay area college hoops program. allen crab coming off a first team all attack 12 campaign. while matthew, the point guard, continues to power saint mary's. got a conference and tournament title one year ago. and one more programming note. be sure to check out caught looking at 9:00 on the nbc sports network. a behind the scenes look at the giants' magical world series championship run. you cannot get enough of it. relive it over and over and over. >> especially if you're a giants fan must-see 4fçtv. thank you. for a full half-hour of local sports coverage, watch "sportsnet central" at 10:30. what are you doing there?
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good evening. we're continuing to track the storm tonight. not only the rain but the cold. already near record setting lows. 48 in gilroy. as we zoom to the south bay, you can see we have a 45 in cupertino. we're not expecting any kind of freeze watches or warnings. definitely a chance for the record setting lows for the morning. a lot of the heaviest rainfall has moved out. we are not done with this yet. we're going to keep a chance of isolated storms.
6:58 pm
we're talking about 70-mile-per-hour winds at lake tahoe. speaking of the holiday, black friday begins on thursday. walmart is jumping the gun. walmart announcing that its sale will start at 8:00 thanksgiving night. that's two hours earlier than last year. sears, macy's, best buy and kohl's also opening thanksgiving night. tonight in mountain view, police say this is first a of its kind in the area. we'll tell you why. >> thanks for joining us. have a great evening. we hope to see you here at 11:00.
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